Serious, stress-free at-home education

Full core curriculum + dedicated teacher for each child + group & 1-1 tutoring = the simplest and most complete turnkey homeschool solution ever

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How does it compare to...?

Most families are familiar with one or more education models. Maybe your children are experienced with traditional in-person public or private school or maybe they've only been traditionally homeschooled. You might have participated in a local coop like Classical Conversations or an online hybrid program.

Homeschool Magnet is different than any other education system in several important ways.

First and foremost, it's simpler. You choose a teacher and let the teacher instruct your child, help them when they're stuck, and keep you updated on progress. All you have to do is make sure the child logs in and does their class work.

Furthermore, there are some specifically unique aspects to Homeschool Magnet.

1. Your child has a dedicated teacher for both primary instruction and personal tutoring and helps.
2. The curriculum is self-paced, but still directed and purposeful in its organization.
3. You pay a single monthly subscription fee that covers everything instead of an annual curriculum fee, individual tutoring fees, a separate co-op fee, and other online memberships for extended learning.
4. You choose a teacher for your child and allow the teacher to shape your child's learning experience rather than sifting through dozens of curriculum options or settling for whoever your child is placed with at school.

$997/semester includes everything

Discounts available for qualifying families

Here's the deal...

We designed Homeschool Magnet with homeschool parents in mind. Homeschooling can sometimes put increased stress on the parent-child relationship. Many parents dread having to play the role of teacher and tutor while also being the disciplinarian, loving parent, and friend.

With Homeschool Magnet, you get to just be a parent again. You don't have to worry about finding the right curriculum for each child,
"pre-learning" each child's lesson, struggling to teach each child according to their unique needs, or fighting to help your child when they're stuck on a concept. And you don't have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on dedicated tutors, either.

Homeschool Magnet is a complete at-home school system that includes a broad-based curriculum, credentialed teachers that get to know your child's learning needs, and group or 1-1 tutoring, all for $197/mo (discounts will be available for qualifying families). It's designed for families that want a simpler approach to homeschool while still making sure each child receives a great education.

What's included?

1. Full core curriculum that covers the four basic subjects at the appropriate grade level: Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
2. A direct relationship with a dedicated credentialed teacher for each child via text chat and video calls
3. On-call access to your child's teacher through text chat throughout the school day for quick questions about lessons
4. Optional group video calls with each child's teacher and other classmates for socialization (like homeroom), tutoring, further instruction, and other help
5. An online learning platform that tracks each child's progress and connects you to each child's teacher
6. The ability to interview multiple teachers to choose the right teacher for each child based on values and teaching approach

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